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Paladin Risk Control is an emergency management and security consulting firm that provides planning for and recover from disasters and risk mitigation.

Established by Robert Ritch in 2001, Paladin Risk Control has worked with Corporations, Government Agencies, Schools K-12, Colleges, and Universities, Healthcare, Public Transportation and Logistics.

The firm consults with businesses, Schools, and government agencies in the areas of security and disaster preparedness. Paladin Risk Control draws from the experience of Robert Ritch and his staff which all have backgrounds in the military and/or intelligence services.

Robert Ritch employs the “best offense is a good defense” strategy to security and emergency management.


Risk Assessment

The most important part of the assessment process is accurately assessing strengths and weaknesses in advance because once an unfortunate event takes place things are moving fast and you need to have a plan to act on and not be just reacting in the moment. A lack of preparation can ruin an organization financially and also cost lives.


Preparing A Plan

Paladin Risk Control develops plans that are clear and easily implemented by all staff. We also provide training programs that ensure all members of the organization know their roles and responsibilities in the event of a crisis.

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Ongoing Training & Support

It is very imperative to provide continuing education to your staff to ensure they are educated and prepared. We all hope the training is never needed but being well trained can save assets but most importantly lives!

At Paladin Risk Control, we do not just provide a plan and then walk away. We provide ongoing support and training including adjusting plans as your organization grows or changes.


Robert Ritch


(615) 241-5241


1200 G Street, NW
Suite 800,
Washington, District of Columbia


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